I'm a late-stage doctoral student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Rutgers, working with Alex Morozov. Our group currently focuses on evolution; we are also affiliated with the Center for Quantitative Biology. My thesis work examines evolutionary dynamics on the fitness landscape of certain bacterial signaling proteins. I'm in my office in Piscataway, NJ, about twice a week, reverse-commuting from my abode in New York City. The graduate endgame and search for my next scientific professional step are underway!…

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I've assembled a broad set of computational skills over the years. Its composition is roughly equal parts: numerical methods, programming, parallel computing, and amateur systems administration. I've put my thoughts on individual pieces of software, etc. into a mini-wiki. As this visualization of the wiki shows, everything is built around Linux and Python! What will be added next? Perhaps GPGPU? Or Fortran?

I have taught at various levels across the physical sciences. My longest-running gig is as a TA for general physics I and II (taken mostly by pre-health majors). My most fragrant gig was as an organic chemistry lab TA. (The students' lab notebooks always got soaked in the by-products of unintended amine side reactions ☺). My most memorable gig was as a high school science teacher and coach at an independent school near Washington, DC.

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