Why have a personal domain? A domain, along with appropriate hosting, makes it possible to run a server: a computer system on the internet that responds to user requests. Some servers provide music streaming or software repository services. Others carry out some sort of computationbitcoin mining or fluids simulations. One common server setup pairs a web server like Apache with a database back-end like MySQL.

tedm.us has grown and changed over the years. I now use the SSH server and an rsync Python script on my laptop and workstations to synchronize my data. The website, originally hand-coded in HTML/CSS/js/PHP, is now written mostly in Python/Django/Bootstrap. (This shifts much of the code maintenance to the web framework developers.) There are a few web apps in the private section of the site that help me stay organized. And hardware duties are now happily outsourced to a Linode virtual private server.

Have a look around. Running a server is a great way to build technical skills. In the wiki, I give my two cents on various pieces of software, etc. that can be useful in science research and system administration.