Welcome. Recent developments:

  • here is my latest creation, a web app named SSNS, live and on github
  • I am actively seeking employment as a software engineer; here are my resume and LinkedIn

Ted Malliaris

I have a broad STEM background with training/research centered on physics and quantitative biology. My computational skill set is roughly equal parts: numerical methods, programming, parallel computing, and systems administration. I've used a lot pieces of software over the years. Most, but not all, are open source. My thoughts on the all-stars can be found in this mini-wiki. And here is a nice graph-ical summary.

I have taught at various levels across the physical sciences, including many years as a TA for general physics during my graduate years at Rutgers in NJ. I have even served as organic chemistry lab TA — my most aromatic gig! Right out of college, I spent a number of years as a high school science teacher and coach at a school just outside Washington, DC.